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Sheffield Youth Parliament

In February, the School Council were really busy promoting democracy at Secondary Phase.

During period one, the council members went around school and explained what the Youth Parliament was, why voting was important and what the process for voting was. They showed great initiative, with Gillian Cudjoe-Atsu and Terrell Hendy-Thompson actively going into each form room to see if students needed help with the voting.

Hinde House School have been awarded a Silver Democracy Award for the high percentage of students who voted in the Youth Parliament elections; this is very impressive and all due to the hard work of the School Council members.

Our own student, Jennifer Okerenta, was standing as a representative in the elections and was comfortably voted into the Sheffield Youth Parliament. This means that, once again, Hinde House students’ views are represented when decisions are being made, which is fantastic!

Congratulations to the School Council and to Jennifer Okerenta.

[Mrs Greenwood]

Article Published : 10/2/2017