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Hinde House

Academy Advisory Council

Each AAC consists of a group of people who could be parents, community nominees, Academy staff and, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 people. They will meet with the Academy Principal and the Associate Principal where appropriate.

In attendance at these meetings will be Link Trustees and a member of the Trust Leadership Team. This is to ensure that the voice of the local stake holders is heard first-hand by the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Trust and the Chief Executive Officer will attend at least one Academy Advisory Council meeting per year.

The current Academy Advisory Council members are:

Chair: Peter Taylor (Parent - Former LAB member)

Pete is the Chair of the Hinde House Academy Advisory Council. He has 2 children who both currently attend Hinde House Primary Phase and has been in a governing role within the Trust since Autumn 2017. ?Pete is a Trustee of various music charities and as such, is experienced with committee roles.

Pete is a professional musician and music educator with a portfolio career. He works freelance as a singing teacher, choir conductor and classical baritone singer. He is also the Education Development Editor for ‘Out of the Ark Music Ltd’, where he works to promote the role of singing as a force for good within all areas of the primary curriculum, and to support all teachers to harness the power of music in their teaching. Pete has also spent 8 years with The Sheffield Music Hub as Singing Project Coordinator and Music Leader, developing and delivering city wide strategies to create quality opportunities in singing for all children aged 5-18.

Pete’s wife is a primary school teacher with 15 years’ experience, teaching in various parts of Sheffield, and together with their two children and black Labrador Hudson, they have lived in Firth Park for 7 years. ?He is a keen amateur cook and a Land Rover enthusiast. ?Pete and his family love camping holidays in the UK, spending time with friends, and singing loudly along to Mr Blue Sky by ELO!

Secretary: Jenny Holmshaw (Executive Assistant to SLT HHA)

Jenny is the Academy Operations Officer and Executive Assistant to the Senior Leadership Team at Hinde House Academy. Jenny started working at Hinde House Academy in June 2019, having previously worked in similar roles at Parkwood Academy, Forge Valley Academy and Wisewood Secondary School over the last 19 years. Jenny is married and has a daughter, aged 29 who is a primary school teacher and a son, aged 25 who is an E-Commerce Manager in Manchester. Jenny also has 2 grandchildren aged 2 and a half and 3 months.

David Drayson - Trustee (Chair)

David is a former Pharmacist and Area Manager for Boots the Chemist. He has substantial experience as a school Governor, Academy and Multi-Academy Trust Trustee/Director and Member. He has been Chair of Brigantia Learning Trust since its inception in 2014.

Jane Robinson (Trustee – Brigantia Learning Trust)

Jane sits on the board of Trustees for Brigantia Learning Trust and works as a freelance interim manager, supporting businesses and solving their problems. After over 20 years in engineering and manufacturing, in 2018 Jane successfully exited the laser cutting and engraving business she co-founded in 2003, during which time she also served as a Regional Advisory Board Member of the EEF (now Make UK). Jane is also a Member of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire. In her role of Trustee with Brigantia Learning Trust, she continues her work to promote STEM subjects and encourage young people to think outside the box in their career choices.

Jacqui Simpson (Trust Leadership - Chief Operating Officer)

As Chief Operating Officer, Jacqui leads finance and operations across the Trust. Jacqui’s previous roles include Senior Finance Manager at Sheffield City Council.

Vicky Simcock (Executive Principal – HH 2-16)

Vicky joined the Trust in December 2018 as Executive Principal of Hinde House 2-16 Academy. Her previous role was Principal at Parkwood E-ACT Academy. She has over 15 years senior leadership experience, including Regional Education Director for the Midlands working for the E-ACT Trust. She has been married for 25 years and has 3 boys aged 12, 21 and 23. Her hobbies include running, reading and travelling -she is looking forward to family getaways in her new motorhome.

Munif Zia (Principal – HHS)

Munif joined the Trust in September 2019 as Associate Principal at Hinde House Academy. In April he became Principal at the Secondary Phase and is extremely proud to be the first male British Muslim of Pakistani heritage to become a principal of a mainstream secondary school in Sheffield. Munif plans to use his status to promote diversity, bridge gaps and be an inspiration to all young people.

Stephanie Anscomb (Former LAB member)

Stephanie has been in a governing role at Hinde House since 2017 when she moved to Sheffield. Stephanie felt that this role would help her get the know the city and the community better.? Her interest in school governing is also driven by her job. Stephanie works as an Economist in the Department for Education.? Her knowledge of government education policy and thorough understanding of education data helps her in her role on the Academy Advisory Council at Hinde House.? Stephanie lives in South West Sheffield with her husband and daughter.?

Alison Dennis (Staff LSF)

Alison sits on the Hinde House AAC as a Trust representative, a role which she started in September 2020. She is currently Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality at our Post 16 Trust Academy, Longley Park Sixth Form.

Alison started her career teaching Humanities and Law in a large 11-18 school in Leeds, where she progressed to Post 16 Leadership. Alison is passionate about the role of education as a catalyst for social change and sees the collaborative partnerships established by Brigantia Leaning Trust as a vehicle for achieving this. Alison states ‘An ambitious curriculum, coupled with a commitment to exceptional teaching and learning and high expectations of our young people can and will transform our local communities’.

Alison currently lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and two daughters, aged 1 and 4.

Nemo Abdi (Parent – HHS/HHP)

Nemo is a parent representative on the Hinde House AAC and has been since it was formed in October 2019. Nemo has previously worked with adults with learning disabilities and is now a stay-at-home mum to her 4 children. Over the years, Nemo has worked as an advocacy worker, community development worker and interpreter. She has a degree in Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University. Nemo has been involved in view community groups, such as Burngreave Mothers which is group of mothers trying to get their children off the streets and give them a safe environment to play and interact with other children. Most of Nemo’s time is spent with her children, but when she does get a chance, she enjoys swimming and adventure walks. She also enjoys working with people, especially those with special needs, as she says this is very rewarding and humbling.

Zoe Andrews (Parent – HHS)

Zoe is a housewife and mother of 3 children who all attend Hinde House Academy. She has lived in the area for 25 years and has been a member of the AAC, as a parent representative, since it was formed in October 2019. Zoe was a previously a parent/community?governor for Brightside school for over 4 years and helped out in a local school to support with reading. She also worked with Home-Start supporting families/children/Foster children in different areas for 8 years but sadly this has closed now. Zoe ran toddler groups for over 10 years when her children were younger. She then became a Trustee member for Wincobank Village Hall and Brightside Park which she is still involved in. Zoe likes to volunteer in the local area to give something back, helping out with events for all ages and abilities.

Nicola Mettham (Parent - HHP)

Nicola has been a parent representative of the Hinde House AAC since it’s formation in October 2019 and has had previous roles as a governor since 2019. Nicola works for DWP as an Operations Manager in benefits delivery. She has a large team based in Barnsley that work on new claims for UC and ESA. Nicola has 2 children who are both at Hinde House Primary and is due to have her third child in July 2021. The family have a crazy, but well-loved beagle called Bruce. During the pandemic they found a new love for the local area and now regularly walk for miles at the weekend.

Sajid Rasul (Parent - HHS)

Sajid has been a parent representative on the Hinde House AAC sinced it was formed in October 2019. Sajid lives in the local area and has a child, who attends Hinde House Secondary Phase. He is passionate about making a positive contribution towards learning, opportunities and the future for young people. Sajid is also a School Governor at Limpsfield Junior School.

Sajid works as a Business Development Manager in the employee benefits and health protection sector.?He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also has a number of hobbies that keep him busy, including cycling to keep fit and healthy.

Rebecca Roberts (Parent – HHP)

Rebecca has been involved with the academy for over 4 years, originally acting as a parent governor at Hinde House Primary Phase. She joined the team to play an active role in the development of the organisation and to provide a mental health stand-point for both employees and children. She is currently a parent AAC member and her daughter attends Hinde House Primary Phase.

Rebecca is a mental health nurse in Sheffield, working for a community-based assessment team, and has been nursing for over 10 years. Her background is in assessment and treatment of mental health, however, she has been heavily involved in the development and reformation of services. She has also been involved in inspections and evaluations of services, ensuring they meet CQC standards.

When not at work Rebecca spends time driving her daughter to various after school activities, including theatre school and gymnastics, for which she is part of the fundraising team. They enjoy playing games, the theatre and crafting together when not involved in the community.

Julia Arthurs (Teacher – HHP)

Julia has been a staff representative on the Hinde House AAC since it was formed in October 2019. She is the Phase Leader for EYFS and based at Hinde House Primary Phase.

Karl Grayson (Teacher – HHS)

Karl is a staff member on the Hinde House AAC and has worked at House secondary school since 1992, working in both the Art and Technology departments. He has two grown up daughters, Freya who is 25 and is a nurse in Leeds and Ida who is 21 and at university studying a degree in History.

After his A levels, Karl decided to break away from academic studies and completed a City and Guilds in plastering. Back in the art world he worked as an animation cel painter for a number of TV shows.

Karl was the first in his family to go to university, studying Graphic Design at Leicester and opting for Architecture at the same university. He then worked in a number of graphic design studios before studying a PGCE at Birmingham University.

Karl states that education and the opportunities it creates for everyone has always been a huge part of his life.

Mick Jones (Support Staff – HHS)

Mick has been a staff representative on the Hinde House AAC since it was formed in October 2019. He has worked at Hinde House Academy since November 1990. His current role as Behaviour & Welfare Officer involves working closely with the students and families in the local community. With over 30 years experience working at Hinde House, he is familiar with lots of our families and in many cases, he remembers the parents from when they, themselves, were students at Hinde House Academy.

Dave Riley (Support Staff – HHS)

Dave has been a staff representative on the Hinde House AAC since it was formed in October 2019. He has worked at Hinde House Academy since July 2000 in his role as IT Support and Parental Engagement. He is based at the Secondary Phase but also supports at the primary phase.

The Brigantia Learning Trust Board has established five key roles for Academy Advisory Councils:

  • To advise/act as a critical friend to the Principal of the Academy;
  • To advise the Trustees about local issues they need to consider that affect the Academy;
  • Represent the interest of the Academy community in the running of the Academy;
    Represent the Academy in its community;
  • Provide support to the Principal in undertaking appropriate day to day procedures that are essential to the life of the Academy.

The five roles translate specifically into the following tasks that the AAC undertakes:

  • It acts as a key link between the Academy, parents and local community;
  • It supports the work of the Academy in the community;
  • It supports the Principal and Academy Leadership Team in the development and implementation of the Academy Development Plan and other relevant plans, ensuring that the Brigantia Learning Trust ethos remains at the heart of the Academy community;
  • It helps on the ground with the implementation of certain Academy policies;
  • It offers challenging but positive and proactive support to the Principal;
  • It regularly discusses the Academy’s performance in relation to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)