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We delighted to inform you that GCSEPod is now available at Hinde House Academy.

We have subscribed to the award-winning service to give your child access to thousands of hours of professionally produced, audio-visual content which will complement their revision.

GCSEPod has over 5,000 teacher-written, audio-visual pods which have been produced specifically for learning, homework and revision. The Pods contain all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that your child needs for GCSE success. They won’t need to use GCSEPod for long to see the impact; in fact, consistent use of just 10-minute chunks is proven to support achievement whatever your child’s target grade is.

GCSEPod can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs and the Pods can be downloaded for offline viewing. The Pods are mapped to the curriculum and students can access pre-set exam playlists which collate all the Pods relevant to a specific exam into a neatly organised list.

Once your child has activated their account they can browse the Pod library and create their own playlists – just as they would when they’re listening to music. We recommend that you discuss GCSEPod with your son or daughter to ensure that they have successfully activated their accounts and encourage them to make use of this service throughout their GCSEs.

All students have already been registered with GCSEPod and simply need to activate their account and choose a username and password. To access GCSEPod for the first time, students should follow these simple steps:


1) Go to and click “Login” in the top right hand corner
2) Click “New here? Get started.”
3) Select “Pupil”
4) Enter your child’s name, date of birth and type the school name. Your school should appear in a dropdown list. Click on the school in this list to confirm it.
5) Select a username, password, and a password hint to help you remember the password.

Once logged in, students can search for Pods by keyword, a specific exam or subject area.

Student Guide

For more ways you can help support your child using GCSEPod click here where you will find lots more information and resources.

If you have any questions regarding GCSEPod please do not hesitate to contact Mrs M Clement-Omaison at Hinde House Academy

For specific technical advice please use the help pages on the website or email

We’re looking forward to helping your child get the best from this new resource!