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Hinde House


Staff in school have a legal duty to report any concerns that they may have about the children and young people in their care; if they are concerned that the child may be suffering significant harm, particularly as a consequence of possible physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect.

All adults working with or on behalf of children have a responsibility to protect them. However, the key people within Hinde House Secondary School who have specific responsibilities are:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 

Responsible for implementing policies and procedures, allocating resources to the safeguarding team and addressing safeguarding concerns. Also, responsible for dealing with safeguarding issues, providing advice and support to other staff, liaising with the local authority and working with other agencies:

Mrs Gemma Hirst (2-16) -

Designated Safeguarding Deputies (DSD)

  • Charlene Bennett (2-16) -
  • Debbie Maclean (Primary) -
  • Karole Cotterell - (2-16) -
  • Vicky Simcock (Secondary) -
  • Munif Zia (Secondary) -
  • Sue Flynn - (2-16) -
  • Mick Jones - (Secondary) -
  • Christine Candow - (Secondary) -
  • Jon Ekwubiri - (Secondary) -
  • Diane Greenwood (Secondary) -
  • Danielle Wragg (Secondary) -
  • Nicole Oldham (Secondary) -
  • James Gunstone (Primary) -
  • Caroline Kubica (Primary) -
  • Emil Mirga (Secondary) -

Online Safety Coordinator

  • Diane Greenwood (2-16) -


Any allegation or disclosure involving someone who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity must be reported directly to one of the following:

Director of Education: Simon Winslow -

Non Executive Trust Governance: Alison Warner - Trustee c/o Hinde House Secondary Phase

Executive Trust Governance: tbc

If a parent/carer has any concern about the safety of any child in school, please contact one of the above - they are there to offer support and guidance. If they are not available, a member of the Senior Team will always offer help.

The school has policies on Safeguarding and Child Protection that have been agreed by the Trust Board. Information about Safeguarding is available at school Reception and on our Policies page


Safeguarding Sheffield Children - Policies and Procedures


Please contact school if you need any further information on Safeguarding.

Operation Encompass

This is a joint project with South Yorkshire Police.


Keeping Children Safe in Education