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Hinde House

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Welcome to Hinde House Library!

“I always imaged paradise would be some sort of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

At Hinde House Secondary, we aim to create a reading school, where stories are cherished, and students are encouraged to read for pleasure.

Our library proudly boasts over 4,000 books and materials; this includes magazines, both classic and modern novels, and fiction and non-fiction books! Miss Flower, who runs the library, seeks to find a book for every student to enjoy.

The library is open every break and lunchtime, Monday to Friday. Students are welcome to loan up to three books out at a time and keep them for a month while they finish reading them; and there are no sneaky late fines to worry about!

During lesson, reading interventions and groups are hosted in the library. A host of extracurricular activities are also run by the librarian, such as Student Librarian, Creative Writing competitions, and reading for pleasure schemes!

School Library System

Click on the following link to access the Hinde House School Library System: Home - Simple Little Library System (

Once logged in, students can search our online catalogue, reserve books and check their outstanding loans. This system is continually being updated, so please check with Miss Flower if the book(s) you are looking for are still available.

Book recommendations and feedback can be given here:

Or in person to Miss Flower!

About Miss Flower

Miss Flower is the Librarian at Hinde House Academy.

She spent a lot of time reading as a child, and this quickly turned into a creative career involving reading and writing.

Below is a list of ten books Miss Flower has read and adored.  Please be advised that not all books on this list are suitable for KS3 readers. Parental discretion is advised.

Student Librarians

There were an overwhelming number of applicants to help out in the library at break and lunch time. Successful applicants were given a rota in which to attend their duty.

Duties Include:

  • Loaning and returning books for students
  • Tidying up and returning books to shelves
  • Meeting and greeting students
  • Helping them find relevant materials


  • Work experience to talk about on their CVs and college applications.
  • A gift at the end of term
  • A chance to earn positive praise points.