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Hinde House

Beyond the four walls

Throughout the summer term, every class from FS2 to Year 5 at Hinde House Primary has enjoyed a session learning ‘Beyond the Four Walls’.

This award-winning programme has allowed our children to learn and explore in an active manner through cycling, walking, orienteering, scooting and so much more… linked to curriculum objectives. Each session has been a unique experience for our pupils with all areas of the curriculum including History, Geography and Art being covered.

The confinements of physical walls that our young people have been presented with, in what has been a most difficult and challenging year, have truly been pushed wide open. A whole new world has opened up to our pupils as they have embarked on wonderful physical, mental and wellbeing experiences that have helped them embrace new environments and horizons. We can’t wait to take our new learning into the new academic year – 2021/22 here we come!