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Hinde House

Concord visit Hinde House Secondary to make Pancakes

Ms Hayat’s Y4 class from Concord visit HHS to make Pancakes.

Ms Hayat’s class have been learning about how to make pancakes and the origins of them in lessons at Concord Primary. Today they visited HHS Academy to make their own pancakes with Lynne and Mrs Pirt in the food department. Y4 were very keen, attentive, and ready to put their learning at primary into practice. They listened to Mrs Pirt’s instructions and set about making their pancakes. They were all able to independently weigh and measure their ingredients and whisked them into a batter. Once this had happened, they used the hobs to cook their pancakes. They all had a go at turning their pancakes and one or two were brave enough to try and flip them! All the students were very well, behaved, engaged and eager to learn this new skill. They were a real credit to Concord Primary School. Mrs Clement Omaison popped in to see how the children were getting on, at this point they were happily tucking into their pancakes. It was at this point one of the pupils said, ‘This has been my best day ever!’ Which I think sums up how positive the session was.