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Hinde House

Hinde House GCSE Testimonials


Hend Al Shaqqa

Having secured an impressive set of results including 988776655 and *2 in Combined Science, Arabic, Maths, English Literature, RE, Geography, English Language, Art and Childcare, Hinde House Primary alumni Hend looks forward to embarking on her next adventure: Longley Park Sixth Form. With ambitions to study Biology, Psychology, English Language and Core Maths at Sixth Form in September and a career as a Biology teacher, Hend said the following of her Hinde House experience: “The teachers at Hinde House go above and beyond to support and hep students to achieve their dreams. They really look out for you, help you to identify areas you need extra support and help you to overcome obstacles. This is why I want to be a teacher – to inspire the next generation!”

Maya Khan

Proudly celebrating 75544 in Art, English Literature, Combined Science, English Language and Maths, Maya praises her teachers for their sense of care and the additional support and guidance offered, including extra revision resources, materials and Saturday School, which allowed for 1:1 teaching and learning support. With plans to study Architecture following Sixth Form, there is no stopping Maya and her determination when she puts her mind to it.

Camilia Al-Hashem

Highlighting her teachers support and high standards of teaching and learning, Camilia celebrates an impressive 655444443 and M2 in her GCSE English Literature, Arabic, RE, Maths, English Language, Combined Science, History, Food Technology and Childcare examinations: “My teachers were so helpful and really did support me every step of the way during my GCSEs. From Saturday School to revision notes and classes, their help went a long way in helping me to achieve the grades I am so proud of. I look forward to my next chapter of gaining my A Levels before a degree apprenticeship, before qualifying as an accountant”.

As-Samee Clayton

Limpsfield Primary School alumni As-Samee achieved an outstanding portfolio of results, comprising 99888876 and *2 in his Combined Science, Maths, English Literature and Language, Computer Science, Geography, Spanish and Digital Information Technology GCSEs. He looks forward to attending the Longley Park Sixth Form in September: “The teachers here at Hinde House are incredibly hard working, supportive and have our best interests at heart. They work tirelessly to help us identify and achieve our full potential”.

Hana Nadeem

With an impressive 77666665, D2 and M2 under her belt in English Language and Literature, Combined Science, Food Prep and Nutrition, Maths, Geography, Digital Information Technology and Effective Digital Working Practices, Hana intends to study Biology further, at Longley Park Sixth Form Academy.

 “Hinde House Academy is a truly unique environment to learn, and a great place to flourish. The teachers are the best and the whole community is so supportive”.

 Chiamaka Amada

Celebrating L2D, 766586, L2P in Childcare, Science, English Literature and Language, Health and Social Care, History, Maths and RE, Chiamaka praises her teachers for their efforts, dedication and support in helping her to achieve his goals: “my teachers went above and beyond to provide me with educational support, resources and advice. The student, staff and school community is so friendly and supportive here”. We wish her the best of luck at Sixth Form, as she embarks on her next challenge, to study Criminology at Longley Park Sixth Form.

Usman Hasib

Having achieved an impressive set of results, including four Grade 8s in Combined Science, English and Maths, Usman credits his teachers for helping him to realise, and achieve his goals. He advises all younger students to pay attention to the teachers and utilise positive thinking to support wellbeing and reminds them that the teachers are always there to support and guide students. His next chapter will see him study Science further, with ambitions to enter the medical field and train as a neurosurgeon.

Rickeem West

Having attained 8777655, D2, D2 in his Maths, RE, English Literature, Combined Science, History, English Language, Music and Sport Science results, Rickeem looks forward to embarking on his next adventure: to study Maths at College. “The community at Hinde House is really unlike any other. Our lessons are engaging because teachers are passionate about their subjects, and there are so many opportunities to gain extra revision opportunities and extend our learning outside the classroom. I would advise younger students to not stress out, and take advantage of after school revision, independent study opportunities and Saturday School – spread out the revision and work hard, it will pay off”.

Connor-Jay Connell

Connor has progressed through the Brigantia Learning Trust ranks, joining Hinde House Secondary from Concord Junior School. With his eyes firmly set on an apprenticeship, he advises all younger students to seek out every opportunity and power through: “Hinde House will open doors for you”. He proudly celebrates achieving L2M, 4435652, L2M in IT, Science, English Literature and Language, Geography, Maths, RE and Sport Science.   

Cole Thorpe

Limpsfield Junior School alumni Cole celebrates not only the achievement of his GCSE grades 43543453 L2M, but also the relationships formed whilst at Hinde House, and his role as Sports Leader. With plans to attend Sports College, he praises the staff for their support and guidance and would recommend Hinde House for the excellent relationships between staff and students, allowing every student to receive a personalised learning experience, with bespoke support and an environment which values every student as an individual.

Harry Wylie

Congratulations are in order to Harry, who achieved an impressive portfolio of results including 5565463 L2M, L2D in Science, English Literature and Language, Geography, Health and Social Care, Maths, RE and Sport Science. Hinde House has helped him to achieve his desired grades, and he plans on a career in the construction sector following his A Levels. “I am delighted with my results because I can now continue on my path of working within the construction sector. Hinde House taught me the value of resilience and hard work, whilst the Sports Leader role helped me to gain a number of skills including leadership, teamwork, communication and many more which will be beneficial to my future career”.