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Hinde House


What is this and who is it for?

To support Sheffield residents over the coming months, Sheffield City Council has designed a two-sided postcard specifically for frontline workers (anyone who has a public-facing role in an information and support environment or remit) to use to sign-post individuals and to the relevant organisations who can offer support and advice over the coming months.

How do I use it?

You can access information either by scanning the QR code by opening your camera on your phone – it will automatically take you to the information hosted in the link - or you can use the web address supplied.

Why are we using QR Codes?

QR codes will give you a large amount of support information in one easy to access link to PDFs and websites without having to type in or remember a web address. 

The organisations and information listed on the postcards are there to provide quick direct support information where and when needed if people are worried about finance, energy, meals and more.

It also includes a live list of hosts offering warm and friendly places, people to talk to and trusted advice.