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Hinde House

The Brigantia Ski Trip Experience

Once upon a time, in the gritty streets of Sheffield, there was a small but brilliant Multi Academy Trust called the Brigantia Leaning Trust. Post-covid, the Trust were determined to ensure their students received an education that extends beyond the classroom and one that encompassed so very much more than mere exam results. They wanted the world for their students, the ceiling smashed and mountains climbed.

Now, Brigantia was no ordinary Trust. It was filled with a bunch of rascals; challenging, charming and chatty students who were always up for an adventure. And the staff? Well they were possibly worse.

One fine winter day, the Trust Executive announced a week-long ski trip to Italy, taking place in 2024. The excitement that echoed through classrooms was deafening- a cacophony of anticipation filled the corridors of the Brigantia Learning Trust and take up was overwhelming, from staff and students alike.

The day finally arrived for the grand adventure. The gang set off on four rickety old coaches, spirits high and accents strong, and within minutes one coach had gone awol down the A1 and not in convoy - as agreed. However, as luck would have it, this was just the start of the UNFORTUNATE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS that followed them from the outset.

When they arrived at the ski rental, it quickly became apparent that the gear was not always fitting the good folk of Brigantia. Boots were too small, calves too wide, skis were too big, and poles were nowhere to be found. Frustration set in, but our heroic teachers were not to let this dampen their spirits. With their Yorkshire grit, staff stormed into the rental shop ready for a showdown. Our fantastic staff defended students against the evil ski rental staff, demanding that every child received the right equipment. Though met with grumbles and mumbles, the teachers wouldn't back down until every child was well-equipped and ready to hit the slopes.

As they settled into their hotel, things took an unexpected turn. The hotel staff seemed to have a knack for being upset about anything and everything. From noise complaints to misplaced towels, they made it their mission to dampen the students ski trip experience. This betrayal did not go unnoticed by the teachers, who fought tooth and nail to ensure their students had the best time possible. The misfortune didn't stop there. On the third day of their trip, a nasty bug named Nora made an appearance. It spread like wildfire, infecting 80% of the students and teachers. Sniffles and coughs filled the air and vomit and poop filled the loos, but, determined to make the most of their trip, teachers stayed up all night caring for their sick students, ensuring they were looked after and comfortable - cleaning sick, changing bedlinen, mopping up vomit and even washing clothes and towels. The cleaning crew were formed and armed with just mops and buckets.

Over the course of the trip, our teachers tirelessly advocated for their rowdy bunch, dealing with the irritable hotel staff whilst managing to keep the Brigantia gang in high spirits, as they multi-tasked and micromanaged anxious calls and texts from parents and carers in the UK – who naturally were worried about their poorly children.

Just when they thought the worst was over, the return trip turned into a whirlwind of chaos. One of the bus drivers was stopped by the Italian police, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the journey. The journey recommenced, only for the next hurdle to be revealed, as a replacement driver had failed to make the ferry crossing, resulting in the journey being down a driver from Lille. The staff, not willing to let their students face the unknown alone, rallied together, ensuring everyone stayed safe and calm amidst the confusion. As they embarked on the treacherous journey home, STORM ISHA brewed over the ferry crossing, testing their resolve even further. But our mighty teachers and students didn't flinch. They enforced safe driving practices with the remaining drivers, making sure every student was accounted for and secure.

In the end, despite the trials and tribulations, the first Brigantia ski trip turned out to be the best adventure of their lives. The teachers, with their unwavering determination and unbreakable spirit, became the heroes of the story. They selflessly supported the students through sickness, defended them against injustice, and ensured their safety throughout the journey. And so, with memories of triumph and resilience ingrained in their hearts, students returned to Sheffield, grateful for the remarkable teachers who turned their ski trip into a legendary tale of true northern grit.

The bar was set!