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Hinde House

Integrated Resource


Our integrated resource opened in February 2024. Our IR is a 24-place hub split over two phases. The secondary phase (Y7-Y11) is a 16-place hub, and the primary phase (Y3-Y6) is an eight-place hub. Our IR is part of the Brigantia Trust.

Our integrated Resource was established to provide flexible, targeted, and individualised support for learners with Special Educational Needs with a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and their families. All our learners have an Educational Health Care Plan.

Both secondary and primary phase IRs are located within the mainstream school building. Our is to enable learners to access the mainstream curriculum with their mainstream peers by providing targeted intervention and in-class support.

Our IR vision is to provide a safe space and inclusive environment for our SEND learners. We set high expectations for our learners.  We are very aspirational for all our learners, and we want them to make full progress as identified in their EHC outcomes.

We want our learners to be socially integrated – equipping them with emotional and social tools for self-regulation, communication, and developing skills for life and learning. Both primary and secondary phase IRs have well equipped sensory rooms.

We strongly believe in integration within the mainstream classroom, but we are also very flexible with how we achieve this. We aim for our learners to be in mainstream lesson 80% and 20% in the IR.

Our learners follow a broad, immersive, and balanced curriculum.  Our aim is for students to develop increasing confidence and independence as they progress through school to prepare them for post-16 education and the world of work.

Lessons are delivered by specialist team including experienced main teachers, a Higher-Level Teaching Assistants, L2 and L3 SEND teaching assistants.

All applications to our IR go through SENDSARS team. After receiving your child’s EHCP, the IR will consider and determine whether or not we can meet the child’s EHCP needs.


Interventions and Assessment tools for EHCP outcomes:

  • Zones of Regulation
  • Precision teaching
  • Talk about
  • Might Minds
  • Birmingham Toolkit (assessment & planning tool)
  • Speech and language therapy advice
  • We use WIDGET symbols & communicate-in-print
  • Forest School
  • And many more



Contact Information:


S Ndlovu IR Lead Practitioner   

Tel: 01142438486/01142426874


Jade Iontton Vice Principal (2-16) Curriculum Delivery, Quality Assurance & Integrated Resource Lead  

Tel: 01142438486/01142426874


Links to useful information:

 Sheffield SEND Local Offer website

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