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Hinde House


At Hinde House 2-16 Academy we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive approach to your child’s education, an environment where unparalleled pastoral care processes are understood and upheld. Following a pupil’s learning journey from 2 years old to 16 allows the academy to positively support a child; knowing them well as learners. Early intervention and tracking are enhanced by the all-through setting and transition to all areas of the academy is a proven positive experience. Opportunities are also offered for primary pupils to learn in specialist facilities, including science and technology rooms, not accessible to most primary school pupils.

As Principal of an all-through establishment, I feel it is important to ensure a paced approach to creating a shared vision and understanding, as well as developing people and the academy to evolve at an appropriate pace. It is also significant to recognise that primary and secondary pupils and practitioners are different, and that they should be able to express themselves in different ways. The phases in their all-age sites should retain some sense of their uniqueness or diversity.

As an all-through academy, we are able to provide consistent pastoral care through the phases, ensuring any ‘dips’ in learning are identified early and appropriate support is offered. In addition, our pupils benefit from leadership opportunities across the academy, and mentor roles within the primary phase.

Outstanding standards of teaching and learning are the norm; as is our culture of aspiration and ‘can-do’. We make no excuses for pupils not achieving their potential and work collaboratively across the academy to create a culture where everyone strives to attain their personal best.

I hope to welcome you to our fantastic academy soon, or if you are already part of the Hinde House family, I look forward to working in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child. We warmly invite you to visit us soon; see first-hand what we have to offer and speak with our amazing pupils and inspirational staff.


Munif Zia - Principal

Munif Zia

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