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Department/subject info and philosophy:

Geography is the subject that can take you to the top of the highest mountain and into the deepest rainforest. It also examines the lives of people all over the world and puts into perspective how we live in Sheffield, the UK and beyond.

Our priority is to inspire and engage students as much as we are about Geography. Our approach is to make learning fun and focussed while pushing and challenging all pupils to achieve above and beyond their potential.

The skills you gain from being a successful geographer are invaluable in later life. Colleges, employers and universities love to see young people who have studied geography and know how to write reports, analyse data, solve problems and investigate concepts. Geographers also understand issues affecting the modern world as well as being able to relate to and understand the factors affecting people and communities from different backgrounds, faiths, cultures and nations.

Programme of study in Y7

Half-term 1 – Geographical skills
Half-term 2 – China
Half-term 3 – Climate change
Half-term 4 – Sustainability and energy
Half-term 5 – Water issues and desertification
Half-term 6 – Rivers

Programme of study in Y8

Half-term 1 – Migration
Half-term 2 – Weather and climate
Half-term 3 – Ecosystems under threat
Half-term 4 – Rainforests
Half-term 5 - Africa
Half-term 6 – Tourism and coastal environments

Programme of study in Y9

Half-term 1 – Features of UK cities
Half-term 2 – Urban and rural change
Half-term 3 – Changing patterns of retail
Half-term 4 – Leisure
Half-term 5 – Global cities
Half-term 6 – Development issues

Programme of study Y10 (GCSE)

Half-term 1 – River processes and landscapes
Half-term 2 – Flooding and flood management
Half-term 3 – Coastal processes and management
Half-term 4 – Extreme weather
Half-term 5 – Patterns of weather and climate
Half-term 6 – Climate change 

Programme of study Y11 (GCSE)

HT1 – How humans interact and benefit from ecosystems
HT2 – Water supply and demand
HT3 – Desertification causes, effects and solutions
HT4 – Coral reef management
HT5 – Revision
HT6 – Exam period


GCSE Exam information:

Exam board is Eduqas WJEC and we use specification B.

There is no coursework but students take part in 2 fieldwork trips where they conduct investigations to be tested on in an exam at the end of year 11. Each field trip is 1 day and usually to a coastal town e.g. Scarborough and a rural area such as Castleton.

Course is split into 3 themes:

Theme 1 – Changing economies
Theme 2 – Changing environments
Theme 3 – Environmental challenges

Students will all sit the same 3 exams at the end of year 11 (there is no higher/foundation split):

Component 1 Exam
Worth 40% of the final grade
Split into 3 sections and asks questions on all 3 of the themes above.

Component 2 Exam
Worth 30% of the final grade
A problem solving paper where students answer a range of questions on an issue then come to a conclusion on the most sustainable options to solve a problem.

Component 3 exam
Worth 30% of the final grade

PART A assesses approaches to fieldwork methodology
PART B asks how fieldwork can be used to investigate geographical issues. Students use their own experiences of their 2 fieldwork trips to inform answers
PART C investigates the use of fieldwork to examine concepts on a UK wide scale

Students will receive a GCSE qualification on the 9-1 grading system.


Useful links/websites:

Important information about the course, exam dates, past papers and other revision materials.

Students are encouraged to buy their own revision guides to aid their study at the website above and will also be issued one for free from the Geography department that is bespoke made to help preparation for the exams and extend students’ knowledge and understanding of key ideas.

Revision sessions take place weekly with members of the geography department throughout year 11, taking place after school in C8.

This is the link to the Geography revision pages on the school’s VLE which can be accessed in school or at home. It contains many revision ideas, tasks, reminders and activities all designed to supplement learning in lessons and consolidate knowledge in preparation for exams.

Key contact:

Mr C Mattinson