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MFL Spanish

Department/subject info and philosophy:

The purpose of the Spanish curriculum at Hinde House Academy is to ensure that your child gets opportunities to develop and practise their knowledge of Spanish, in four core communication areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. More importantly, we aim at delivering an engaging, ambitious and culturally enriching curriculum that fosters lifelong skills: critical thinking, multicultural competences and curiosity, public speaking and foreign travel and careers. Developing global citizens is therefore at the heart of our staff ethos and our extracurricular activities.

Our philosophy consists of a differentiated approach to learning, that allows pupils to join the subject from a beginner or intermediate level, and make rapid progress into mastering foreign Spanish literacy.

Programme of study in Y7-Y9:

Our KS3 curriculum follows the national curriculum priorities for languages. The curriculum is based on a sound foundation of core vocabulary and grammar, interleaved with linguistic competence and cultural capital. In their lessons, students use the 4 skills, which are regularly assessed to guide their progress in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. Students enjoy different topic areas as well as authentic materials, such as native videos and magazines, to enhance their cultural awareness and submerge into Spanish speaking world.

In Y7, students cover the following topics in 2 lessons/week:

HT1 – Family and friends
HT2 – Where I live
HT3 – Education
HT4 – Future plans
HT5 – Holidays
HT6 – Travel and Tourism

In Y8, students cover the following topics in 2 lessons/week:

HT1 – Sports
HT2 – Hobbies
HT3 – Health issues
HT4 – Healthy lifestyles
HT5 – Eating habits
HT6 – Eating out

In Y9, students cover the following topics in 2 lessons/week:

HT1 – Relationships with family and friends
HT2 – Marriage and partnership
HT3 – Social media
HT4 – Mobile technology
HT5 – Food and eating out
HT6 – Sports and other hobbies

Programme of study Y10-Y11:

The curriculum plan for KS4 follows the AQA recommendation for 3-year GCSE schemes of learning. The curriculum incorporates grammar and vocabulary as well as linguistic competence, with a wide array of interesting and exciting social and global issues being discussed.

In Y10, students cover the following topics in 3 lessons/week:

HT1 – Spanish customs and festivals
HT2 – Home, town and region
HT3 – Charity and voluntary work
HT4 – Healthy and unhealthy living
HT5 – Global issues
HT6 – Travel and tourism

In Y11, students cover the following topics in 3 lessons/week:

HT1 – School and subjects
HT2 – Life at school and college
HT3 – Social media
HT4 – GCSE exam skills – retrieval
HT5 – GCSE exam skills – retrieval
HT6 – GCSE exams

GCSE Exam information:

Our exam board is AQA and students’ final GCSE grade consists of 4 different papers (equally weighted) that take place between May and June on different dates:

 25% Paper 1 – Listening
 25% Paper 2 – Speaking (Photo-card, Role-play & General Conversation)
 25% Paper 3 – Reading
 25% Paper 4 – Writing

Click here to see the last grade boundaries from June 2018 present the following overall performance percentages.

Useful links/websites:

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Key contact(s):

Mr S Ndlovu