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PSHE is a brilliant part of the curriculum which promote our pupils’ good health and well being. Citizenship and British Values are embedded in our PSHE curriculum. Through PSHE pupils will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours which enable them to become successful global citizens now and in the future. It teaches them amongst many things, digital literacy, good decision making, to recognise some money matters, think about careers and equip them with strategies to develop their emotional well being.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is the new and exciting central pedagogy as it develops conceptual understanding and enables pupils to consider controversial issues and big questions through dialogue and enquiry; developing caring, critical, creative and collaborative thinking in a safe environment and structured way.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Learning SMSC- All pupils are encouraged take ownership and responsibility for their own learning through hard work, resilience and genuine quest for knowledge.

Year 7 and 8: Discrete PSHE lessons.

Programme of study in Year 7

HT1 Global Citizenship

  • Combatting Extremism and Terrorism

HT2 Personal Development

  • Hate Crimes

HT3 Health and Wellbeing

  • Healthy living

HT4 Relationships and Sex Education

  • Healthy relationships

HT5 British Values and living in the UK

  • Rights and Responsibilities

HT6 Financial Education and Enterprise

  • Setting up a sweet shop

Programme of study in Year 8

HT1 Global Citizenship

  • Non-Violent Action: A Force for Change

HT2 Personal Development

  • On-line safety

HT3 Health and Wellbeing

  • Mental Health

HT4 Relationships and Sex Education

  • Puberty
  • Managing change
  • Self-concept

HT5 British Values and living in the UK

  • Living in a democracy

HT6 Financial Education and Enterprise

  • Zombie Apocalypse


Years 9-11: Form time and drop-down sessions.

In Year 9-11 PSHCE and RSE are covered in form-time, extended assemblies and drop-down days. This will include:

Guns and knives take lives.

CPR and basic first aid.

Forced Marriage

Domestic Abuse


Honour based violence


Sexual Exploitation

Crime and punishment

Contraception and accessing health care.

Health education including issues of fertility.

LGBTQ issues and different types of family.

Careers education.


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