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Library & Literacy

Library & Literacy

At Hinde House we continuously push our students so they strive to achieve the best possible outcomes. We believe that literacy is one of the most important skills you can teach a child and is critical to learning across the whole curriculum. Literacy raises pupil attainment whilst giving children a vital skill they will need to succeed in life. We aim to be a literature rich school and this is why we have invested in our library here at Hinde House Academy.

As part of this investment we now have our own website, where students can search for and view the library’s stock (no sign in required). We have over 1200 books on the site that are available in our school library. Every day we are adding more books to our inventory. So, whether it is Non-Fiction, Manga, Young Adult Literature, Horror, Comedy or Science Fiction there is a book to capture the mind of every young reader.

Through the link on the online library’s homepage, students will have access to pver 3000 e-Books and audio files. Students should speak to the librarian or other member of the English team about login details.

Two books can be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks and can be downloaded onto a preffered device or read online. Again, the librarian and other members of the English team are more than happy to help with further information, support or reading suggestions.

Happy reading!


News and Upcoming Events

Studies have shown that reading aides academic performance by enhancing vocabulary, improving memory skills, developing critical and analytical thinking and advances concentration skills. We understand that telling our young people what to read is not the best way to nurture a passion for reading and literacy

With this in mind the academy will introduce led reading sessions and create a list of 50 books for Y7 and another 50 for Y8/9, including both classic and contemporary literature, allowing students to select from the list, books and literature that interest them. We will be offering prizes at the end of the academic year for students who have read the most books, more information to be shared soon.

Please join the academy in our endeavour to encourage and push reading as a valuable skill set. Students can find books in both the online and physical library at school. The link for the school library is at the bottom of this page, students can then access the online library.

In the upcoming year we will have a number of reading events so do keep an eye out:


Christmas (December) – Understanding A Christmas Carol


Valentine’s Day (February) – Fall in Love with Literature



World Book Day (March) – To be confirmed


Library Helpers Required – If your child is interested in working alongside the Library Team, we are recruiting Y7 and Y8s only at this time. Please ask your child to pop into the library and we will add students to the list. Shortlisting will take place on 20th September 2021.