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Black Lives Matter

Over the last week watching the shocking events unfold in America, following the tragic murder of George Floyd, the news has been deeply disturbing.

People across the world have been horrified and this can be seen by the growing support for those involved in the Black Lives Matter protests. There are clearly many factors in place in America that have led to the ferocity of the protests. A pandemic that disproportionately impacts on the BAME community, the economic difficulties the pandemic brings and finally, but most significantly, a political structure and system that disadvantages people of colour. It is easy to look at the situation in America and dismiss the issue as an American problem, but this would in fact be wrong. Our society, just like that in America is based upon a past that has seen discrimination and prejudice be accepted, historically, as the norm. The huge contribution of BAME people, both in America and Britain has often been overlooked and this has contributed to the situations and feelings that are being seen on the news at the moment.

As a school, that is rich in diversity and where we promote equality for all through our values, ethos and curriculum, Hinde House Academy staff and parents have a huge responsibility to ensure that children of all races recognise and understand what is happening in the world they live in, and, are acutely conscious of the existence of historical bias that is threaded through everyday life. Our inclusive and tolerant ethos is embedded across the school’s curriculum. It is weaved into all lessons and promoted explicitly through RE and PSHE. We promote ‘real’ British Values and staff and students model the expectations that we expect and demand from all. We are constantly evolving our curriculum as we better understand how to celebrate diversity. We aim to educate children so that they are able to grow in a world where everyone is equal and where everyone counts, despite historical bias which we believe must be recognised and changed However, we cannot do this alone. All teachers know that before you can support a child to understand something you must ensure you understand it yourself. We need you as parents and carers to talk about diversity to your children.

Below are links that may help promote such discussions

They are an excellent starting point to recognise the unidentified biases we all have. During this unusual time the majority of you will have more opportunity than ever to talk to your children. The terrible situation in America and injustices that are replicated in the UK too, can be turned into a positive force for change if it becomes the catalyst for an honest and open conversation with your children. It may be uncomfortable and our students will have questions. You don’t need to have all the answers, but opening the dialogue is something we can all do. It will be much more impactful than retweeting a Black Lives Matter poster on Instagram or sharing the latest Nike Video advert on Facebook.
Here at HHA we want all our children to be able to flourish in a world that is anti- racist and where discrimination and prejudice of any type is challenged.

V J Simcock

On behalf of the leaders and staff at Hinde House academy

Article Published : 5/6/2020