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Louise's sculpture update

Louise's sculpture is now underway and is very exciting. The face is more or less complete with the rest of the head to follow.

Using the head Jason can now measure the proportions for the body. The sculpture will be close to eight feet tall possibly with a wing span of six foot.

I am meeting up with Jason roughly every two weeks. As with all great art work ideas tend to evolve as it progresses.

We currently feel the face and wings should be ‘smooth’ with the body textured – similar to the top of the face. The plan is still to taper the body down to a single leg with the other leg crossed behind the knee.

At the end the sculpture will be covered in a clear lacquer to weatherproof. It will also have the added benefit of highlighting the textured steel.

The next round will be the rest of the head, neck and shoulders. Photos to come.

Many thanks to everybody for your donations and continued support

Karl Grayson

Article Published : 14/12/2016