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Louise's Sculpture Update (3)

Following a recent visit to Jasonís workshop there has been considerable progress on Louiseís sculpture.

The torso of the angel is now complete and Jason is currently working on the legs. This is proving to be more complicated as we had always intended for the angel to be standing on one leg. Therefore the whole and considerable weight of the sculpture will have to be balanced onto one narrow point.

The photos show how the structure of the body is made of individual steel rebar rods.

All the rods have to be individual bent to create the shape of the body and legs and then tack welded together. Only then when Jason is completely happy with the overall shape are the steel rods fully welded together to create the textured effect. This is a hugely time consuming process.

The next stage will be for Jason to start making the wings. We have decided to have the wings smooth which will be similar to the face. They will be straight across the top and slightly swept back.

Mrs Brown who also visited Jason said ‘the photos do not do the sculpture justice’.


Article Published : 12/1/2017