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Sheffield Schools Linking Project

In September 2017, Hinde House (Secondary Phase) began an exciting partnership with Newfield Secondary School for the year. Both schools agreed to use (P4C) Philosophy for Children. This is a strategy for discussions and dialogue.

The main P4C aims were:

  • To develop and deepen children’s knowledge and understanding around identity, equality and community
  • To develop critical thinking skills, reflection and communication
  • To develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect

Our group of students taking part in the project comprised of five Y8 and five Y9 students. Since our school community is wide and diverse, this project provided an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to develop a sense of connection and awareness of global issues.

The topics we discussed were:

  • Who am I?
  • Who are we?
  • Where do we live?
  • How do we all live together?


During the project:

  • We wrote letters of introduction to our Newfield partners
  • We held P4C sessions in school before meeting our Newfield School partners in the city centre
  • At first, we were apprehensive about meeting students from a different part of the city from us. We played marvellous ice-breaking games and within a short space of time we were all comfortably chatting
  • We visited the Graves Gallery with our partners and used the Comfort Blanket art work at the gallery to explore issues of Britishness and Identity
  • We continued to explore these themes to create our own Comfort Blanket which we exchanged with our partners
  • We had a visit to Newfield School and discovered that we had shared goals and visions despite the geographical differences of our schools
  • We were proud to show our partners around our fabulous school in return
  • We ended the project with a celebratory event at Ice Sheffield and a wonderful meal at Pizza Hut

We very much hope to be able to take part in the Linking Project again next year with a new group of students.

Mr Ndlovu

Article Published : 6/7/2018