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School Day and Extra-Curricular Activities

== Primary Phase ==

Temporary Arrangements from Friday 4th September

To ensure a safe return for all pupils in September, we will operate a slightly different staggered start to the year. Please see below for the start and finish times for each year group.

• Y1 will start at 8.50 and will finish at 3.10
• Y2 will start at 9.00 and will finish at 3.20
• Y3 and Y4 will start at 8.40 and will finish at 3.00
• Y5 and Y6 will start at 8.30 and will finish at 2.50

Pupils in First Steps, Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 will have different timings for the first few weeks as they settle into school – this information has been sent to those families seperately. When these pupils are in full time their start and finish times will be:

• Morning Nursery pupils will start at 8.40 and will finish at 11.40
• Afternoon Nursery pupils will start 12.10 and will finish at 3.10
• Foundation Stage 2JB will start at 8.50 and will finish at 3.10
• Foundation Stage 2JA will start at 9.00 and will finish at 3.20


Normal School Day

Primary Start Finish Times

The gates onto the school grounds will be locked at 3.25pm, please call into our main reception for any queries after this time.


First Steps (2 Year Old provision) hours

Morning Session: 8:30am - 11:30am
Afternoon Session: 12:10pm - 3:20 pm

FS1 (Nursery)

8.40 – 11.40
12.00 – 2.20pm (12.00 – 2.20pm Wednesday)

Lunchtime and Breaktimes

FS1 Lunchtime - 11.40 – 12.00pm
FS2 Lunchtime - 11.45 – 12.35pm

Y1/2 Breaktime - 10.20 – 10.35 Lunchtime - 12.05 – 12.45pm
Y3/4 Breaktime - 10.20 - 10.35 Lunchtime - 12.15 –12.55pm
Y5/6 Breaktime - 11.20 - 11.35 Lunchtime - 12.55 – 1.35pm


== Secondary Phase ==

Temporary Arangements from Friday 4th September

All parents/carers will have received a personalised letter that will give you: the social bubble information, the learning base, the member of staff in your child’s bubble and the timings of the school day, including start and finish times. Please be aware that in the secondary school staggered starts mean different year groups have a different school day:

• Y7 - will start at 8:30 and will finish at 2:45
• Y8 - will start at 8:45 and will finish at 3:00
• Y9 - will start at 9:00 and will finish at 3:15
• Y10 - will start at 9:15 and will finish at 3:30
• Y11 - will start at 9:45 and will finish at 16:30

You will be able to access this letter via your EdulinkOne account (in the "Documents" section)


School Day (During Normal Operation 2020-21)

Secondary School Day Times


At Hinde House Secondary school assemblies are an important part of school life. They enable us to come together as one family celebrating our diversity and shared commonalities.
The best assemblies at Hinde House Secondary School address many key themes. We encourage parents to check the themes below and begin the discussions at home.
2020 has been a turning point for humanity. COVID-19 has highlighted just globally connected our lives become. We therefore recognise that Global Learning teaches us to understand and respect difference, identify our rights and responsibilities, and think critically about our impact as global citizens.
The assemblies theme of this year's global learning is 'Values for a connected World'. Each month focuses on a different human value, linked to the key global days and celebrations occurring that month.

Assemblies are held at 14:50. Please see the list of up-and-coming assemblies below.

Support Sessions and Extra-Curricular Activities

Tutor Time Activites Sept 2020



Extra-Curricula Activities - Awaiting information